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What will you learn from the course

  1. Fundamental Principles of counting and how to differentiate the two.
  2. Factorial and related applications
  3. Number of selection in Identical and Distinct objects, Repetition allowed and not allowed cases 
  4. At least, at Most and Exactly cases.
  5. Counting number of Permutations 
  6. Grouping and Distribution
  7. Classical Occupancy Problem
  8. Inclusion Exclusion Principle
  9. Derangement and Related Identities
  10. Counting in two ways
  11. Counting Via Recursion
  12. Use Generating Functions to count

Who is this course for?

  1. Students who are currently studying Permutations and combination or about to start.
  2. Students Preparing for IIT JEE Main or Advance,KVPY, NMTC, or Math Olympiads and Other competitive Exams.
  3. Anyone who love studying Math

What will you get if you enroll for the course

  1. 15 Hours of Video Lectures in fully Visual JEE Style with more animations.
  2. All course Notes and assignments are added lecture wise
  3. 10 quizzes in between courses and 2 at the end.
  4.  Video solution of more than 150 problems.
  5. A lifetime Subscription

Course Objective

  1. Learn How to Count naturally and Visualize Sample space.
  2. Learn How to apply Basic techniques to speed up counting.
  3. Relate different Counting Methods
  4. Master your Exam Preparation by solving assignments.